Manjeera Constructions Ltd

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Manjeera Constructions Ltd Company Details -

Company Details
CIN L45200TG1987PLC007228
Company Name Manjeera Constructions Ltd
Company Status Active
Company Registration Details
Company Registrar Office City Hyderabad
Company Registered State Telangana
Company Registration Date 2 March 1987
Age of Company 37 Years, 4 Months
Company Work Detials
Company Category Company limited by Shares
Company Sub-category Non-govt company
Class Of Company Public
Business Activity Construction
Company Share and Capitals
Company Authorized Capital ₹25,00,00,000
Company Paid-up Capital ₹12,50,84,180
Manjeera Constructions Ltd
Company Address #711,Manjeera Trinity Corporate,Beside Manjeera Mall,JNTU-Hitech City Road,Kukatpally Hyderabad , Hyderabad Unclassified TG 500072
Company Website Manjeera Constructions Ltd Official Website
Company Emails

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Understanding Manjeera Constructions Ltd

Manjeera Constructions Ltd stands as a prominent entity within the Indian corporate sphere. Established in 1987, this company operates within the Company limited by Shares, specializing in Non-govt company.

Dynamic Business Operations

As a Non-govt company, Manjeera Constructions Ltd navigates the realms of Construction showcasing its adaptability and versatility in the industry landscape.

Capital Structure and Financial Stability

The company boasts an authorized capital of ₹2.50 hundred crore, with ₹1.25 hundred crore in its reserves ie 50.0%, illustrating its financial robustness and stability within its domain.

Geographic Presence

Registered in Hyderabad, Telangana, Manjeera Constructions Ltd is strategically located at #711,Manjeera Trinity Corporate,Beside Manjeera Mall,JNTU-Hitech City Road,Kukatpally Hyderabad , Hyderabad Unclassified TG 500072 facilitating its operations and outreach within the region.

Company's Website and Communication Channels

Accessing information and reaching out to Feeding Trends Private Limited is simplified through its official website Manjeera Constructions Ltd Official Website and contactable via email at, providing users with direct communication channels.

Operational Overview and Age of Company

Since its inception in 1987, Manjeera Constructions Ltd has actively contributed to the Company limited by Shares landscape for 37 Years, 4 Months Its status of operation is Active.

Leadership and Direction

Steered by a visionary leadership comprising [Directors' Names], Manjeera Constructions Ltd is guided by individuals committed to the company's growth and objectives.

Progressive Outlook and Growth Trajectory

With a focus on Construction, Manjeera Constructions Ltd continues its trajectory towards growth and innovation, aligning its strategies with industry trends and demands.

Industry Insights and Contribution

Manjeera Constructions Ltd's contribution to the Company limited by Shares landscape signifies its role as a key player, fostering innovation and progress within the sector.


Manjeera Constructions Ltd remains an active and integral entity within the Indian corporate landscape, continuously evolving and contributing to the dynamic business ecosystem.